Korenna Barto Reynard

Korenna Barto Reynard

Also Known As: Coreen Marie Kennard, Korrie Kennard, Korenna K Puleo, Korenna Barto, Dr. Korenna Reynard

If you are thinking about hiring Korenna Barto Reynard as a therapist or counselor, beware. This individual is a fraud. She has been practicing as an unlicensed psychotherapist and has harmed clients with unethical practices that include hands on "sexual healing" work.

Not a PhD or Licensed Professional

Despite her claims that she is a psychotherapist and PhD, this individual does not have an accredited PhD in Psychology or any other field and is not licensed to practice therapy or counseling in any state.

She attended a PhD program at University of Akron over a decade ago but did not complete her degree. It also appears that there are complaints on file against her at her former University for her behavior after leaving the program.

Unethical Therapy Practices

In addition to falsely claiming to be a PhD, she has also promoted herself as Dr Korenna Reynard, claiming to be a psychotherapist, somatic sexologist and erotic educator. While offering these services, she practiced hands on "sexual healing" work with her clients and her prior website describes services such as Female Ejaculation, Masturbation Coaching for Men and Taoist Erotic Massage for Couples.

In an interview with Bliss Radio, she discusses allowing a client to masturbate while in her office: When I worked with that particular client, he would actually view porn while pleasuring himself in the office.

In a podcast interview for Sex Lab with Lara Catone entitled Parenting and Sex with Korenna Barto, she advocates for parents talking dirty and having sex in front of their children.

Questionable Past History

This individual has a checkered past and has undergone numerous legal name changes.

Known names she has used in the past in California, New Mexico, Ohio and Washington State include: Coreen Marie Kennard, Korrie Kennard, Korenna K Puleo, Korenna Barto PhD, and Dr. Korenna Reynard.

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